Audited Courses

University Policy

Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences Policy

CDS students who wish to audit a course should familiarize themselves with the University Policy on Audited Courses and consult with their academic advisor. Permission of the instructor is required via a signed “Permission to Audit a Course” form, obtainable on the Registrar’s website. Students are responsible for delivering signed permission and add/drop forms to CDS Advising at 665 Commonwealth Avenue, 16th Floor, before the semester deadline for adding a course.

Priority in registration for CDS courses will be given to students who are taking the course for credit. Students’ ability to audit a particular course may also be limited by classroom capacity or overall course enrollment. If space is available, the instructor has full discretion over whether a student is permitted to audit a course, except when the relevant department or program faculty has collectively determined that certain courses may not be audited under any circumstances.