Grades and Course Credits

University Policy

Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences Policy

Questions about a grade should be first addressed to the instructor of the course and then, should the question persist, to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The Policy on Grade Grievances for Undergraduate Students in Boston University Courses provides a means for a student to contest a final course grade when that grade is alleged by the student to be arbitrary.

Repeated courses, unless explicitly designated as “repeatable,” can receive credit toward graduation only once. The grade received for a repeated course does not replace the grade for the original course; both grades are computed in the student’s grade point average. Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be repeated for a letter grade. See the Policy on Repeated Courses for Undergraduate Students.

Boston University permits students to elect up to two academic courses on a Pass/Fail basis, as explained in the Policy on Pass/Fail Courses for Undergraduate Students.

All changes of grades other than the “I” grade must be recorded within six months of the completion of the course. No change of grade can be made on the basis of work submitted after the course has been completed, and no changes of grade can be made on a student’s record after graduation from the college. Change of Grade Forms for graduating seniors must be on file at the Office of the University Registrar no later than the last day of classes; a grade change dependent on a scheduled final examination must be reported to CDS Academic Advising, located at 665 Commonwealth Avenue, 16th Floor.