Incomplete Coursework

University Policy

Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences Policy

The policy regarding taking an “Incomplete” can be found in the Bulletin.

When you take an “Incomplete,” you extend the amount of time you have to complete a course for a regular letter grade.

Taking an Incomplete is not always an option. Only your faculty member can grant you an Incomplete, and the two of you must complete the Incomplete Grade Form that lays out the conditions for completion.

If the faculty member thinks you can reasonably complete the course successfully after the semester has ended, they may—with your agreement—grant you an “I” grade. If you take an I grade, you do not earn credits for the course until you complete it.

You and the faculty member will agree on the work that remains to be done and the deadline for completing it. If you successfully complete the work within the time allotted, your grade will be converted to a regular letter grade and you will earn the credits for the course.

If you do not successfully complete the work on time, your grade will be converted either to an “F” or to the grade you would have earned at the end of the semester.

Incompletes must be resolved by the agreed-upon date, or within one year, whichever comes first.