Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

University Policy

Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences Policy

The following provisions governing voluntary withdrawals, leaves of absence, and reinstatement for undergraduates in the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences are in addition to the University policy above, including that policy’s provisions concerning Leaves of Absence for Medical Reasons.

A student wishing to voluntarily withdraw or take a leave of absence from CDS must do so by submitting a signed request to the University Service Center at 881 Commonwealth Avenue, where they may also meet with a member of the University Service Center staff.

Any student who is absent for any reason from CDS and returns after a period of three years must complete all requirements in effect at the time of return in order to receive the BA degree.

No student who withdraws or takes a leave of absence may receive academic credit for any portion of the courses taken during that semester.


Students returning from an official leave of absence should meet with their advisor. All others must reestablish their standing in CDS. Students wanting to reestablish standing should contact CDS Academic Advising. Students who matriculate at another institution must reapply as transfer students through the Admissions office and are not guaranteed readmission to CDS.