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ME_burpgStudents from Local Elementary School Visit BU’s Rocket Propulsion Lab

“When BU engineering students Joe Beaupre and Doug Lescarbeau signed on to explain how rockets work to elementary school kids, they weren’t expecting the students to be concerned with the use of stabilizing fins or the advantages of liquid over solid fuels.”



Multidisciplinary Student Capstone Team Develop BreakerBot

Robot Will Safely Move High-Voltage Circuit Breakers







The Inventor

“Invention is a little bit like a disease…it’s a lifetime disease and there is no cure. If you want to invent, you’re going to no matter what.”

Greg Blonder is an engineering professor by vocation and a barbecue whiz by avocation. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi

 Everything You Know about Grilling is Wrong

Prof. Greg Blonder on the science of the perfect steak