Disable DirectConnect

How to Disable DirectConnect

The Direct Connect peer-to-peer filesharing client from NeoModus, Inc. allows users to connect to “hub” servers which maintain indices of connected clients and the files available on them. These hubs are content based groupings much like channels in IRC which you can join to participate in a particular chat. In many cases hub operators may set a minimum amount of data which clients are required to share to participate on the hub. Therefore, once you have taken the following steps, you may find that you are not allowed to connect to many Direct Connect hubs. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable if you are to remain in compliance with campus policy.

1. Select the Settings item from the menu bar.

    2.   Click the Add button under the Shared Folders: box.

    3.    Select the folder where you want to create a new empty folder, click the New Folder button, and type in a name such as “Empty”. Then click Ok

    4.   The folder you created should now appear in the Shared Folders: window. Leave this folder empty to prevent the sharing of files.