Concentration in Energy Technologies

Engineering breakthroughs in energy and the environment will shape our future society. The Energy Technologies concentration is designed for undergraduate engineering students to acquire a fundamental understanding of the environmental impacts of various energy technologies and put them in a position to pursue a career in green technology. The diverse elective courses will include the analysis of recent environmental policy; the electro-chemistry of fuel cells and battery cells; the planning, operation and marketing of sustainable power systems; and the emergence of sustainable energy as the defining environmental challenge of our time. As the engineering discipline of energy and environment continues to grow, students with a specialized background in this concentration will be well-prepared for this emerging field.

The 16-credit concentration is available to students in any of the College of Engineering’s bachelor’s degree programs. The concentration is noted on students’ official transcripts and will prepare students for careers in clean energy, energy conversion and environmentally sustainable systems.

It is recommended that students interested in pursuing a Concentration in Energy Technologies declare their concentration as early as possible in their degree program in order to facilitate course planning, but in no case later than October 1 of a student’s senior year. Course requirements are found below,  in addition to details regarding the required experience component.


Energy Technologies Concentration Instructions & Forms

Also See: Clean Energy & Environmental Sustainability Initiative (CEESI)


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