Ingalls computers

Features and Capabilities

Julia Delogu said, "They have a lot of resources here, and they have a lot of programs that we use on the computers, whereas sometimes at other computer labs they may not have programs you need for a class. And there’s free candy at the front desk."

Rahul Ahuja said, "All the stuff is cool –calculators, rulers, all the stationary supplies. The computers are really fast, there is a scanner and fax, the chairs are comfortable and there’s good lighting and security."

Ingalls welcomes engineering students into a spacious, light and colorful environment. The layout of comfortable, wheeled chairs; low, round tables; and private study rooms allows students to study privately, gather for collaboration, or catch up at impromptu discussions.


Depending on the work environment students prefer, they can choose certain spaces to use or times to come to Ingalls that suit their needs – for socialization and group projects or silent study sessions.

To see whether the atmosphere tends towards study or socialization at any moment, students can conveniently check online to see how full or empty the center is, and how many computers are in use and meeting rooms occupied.

A staffed help desk offers everything an engineering student in Ingalls might need – from stapler refills to technical assistance. A fax, copier and scanner are also available for student use.


Seven meeting rooms of various sizes accommodate four to eight students each, allowing groups to focus on the task at hand -- from team projects to tutoring sessions -- without disrupting the studying or conversations of the common room.

A 16-person conference room equipped with a video projector can host larger groups and give students a venue to prepare for and rehearse presentations. Students can reserve these rooms online.

Study carrels offer blinders to those who like the buzz of the room’s action but also need to put their head in the books without distraction.


Fifteen desktop computers run MATLAB and other programming software that students need to make quick corrections to their programming work or print out information for classes. For those long, involved programming sessions, students can use their own laptops and access the center’s wireless Internet connection.

The center’s plasma television screens give students a place to display projects from their own computers when working with a group or practicing presentations.