Senior Design Project

The Project

Senior Design 2

Most college seniors spend their final semester worrying about the “real world.” But for ECE seniors, the real world is an integral part of their coursework. Each student must complete a team-driven capstone project in which they design and prototype a product, electronic device, or software system. Teams work with real world customers—industry figures, small businesses, government, non-profits, schools, artists, faculty, and staff.

The Process

After completing a written proposal and two design reviews, students work in the Senior Project Laboratory to produce prototypes of their products. Next is a final design review, after which they make adjustments based on customer feedback, and complete testing—all while staying on budget and meeting strict deadlines. Ultimately, each team presents its project before faculty, staff, and other students on ECE Day.

Following the presentations, prizes are given to standout presentations, including an award for the most innovative project.