Core Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows are available for one-on-one tutoring appointments with students taking courses across the Core Curriculum. WFs are happy to consult with you about any Core writing assignment at any stage of the writing process.

Booking an appointment with your assigned Fellow

Many discussion sections will have a designated Writing Fellow for students to book appointments with. To make an appointment with your designated fellow, communicate with them directly, as per the instructions they will have provided to you in discussion section. They will confirm the time and location of your meeting. In the current semester, the following sections have Writing Fellows assigned:

  • Eric Bjornson, English: For students in B1 (Waters) and B7 (Klancer)
  • Andrew Christensen, English: For students in B4 (Sims) and C6 (Sims)
  • Alex Claxton, Anthropology: For students in B2 (Costa)
  • Rachel Fisher, Classics: For students in C3 (Samons)
  • Emily Kramer, Editorial Institute: For students in B3 (Klancer) and B5 (Klancer)
  • Omar Sharifi, Anthropology: For students in C1 (Eckel)
  • Natalie Susmann, Archaeology: For students in C4 (Green) and C5 (Green)
  • Frankie Vanaria, American NE Studies: For students in B6 (Walsh) and B8 (Uden)
  • Kristen Wroth, Archaeology: For students in C2 (Gapotchenko)

Students are advised to bring a draft of their paper (if one has been written by the time of the appointment) as well as a copy of the writing assignment, to their meeting with the Fellow.

Booking an appointment with an at-large Fellow

In addition to the Fellows assigned to sections as listed above, the following Writing Fellows are available to meet on an at-large basis:

To book an appointment with one of the at-large Fellows:

  1. Make sure you are logged on with your BU email (Google) account.
  2. Click one the link to the Fellow’s Google appointments calendar (listed above).
  3. On that calendar, identify an open time slot that fits your schedule.
  4. In the “WHAT” section of that appointment slot, add your name and BU email address.
  5. Click “Save.”

If you would like to cancel your  appointment, click on the slot, and select “Cancel”. Your WF will receive notification. Please make sure your own calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time to ensure you have the correct time!

International students, take note: additional ESL help is also available through the Educational Resource Center (ERC) and the College of Communication. The ERC offers 30-minute ESL sessions, and COM’s Writing Center is open to all BU students.

Additional writing resources:

Core writers are encouraged to refer to Hacker and Sommers’ Rules for Writers, 8th Edition as a guide to usage and citation.