Foreign Language Requirement

CAS LANG_grayscaleCAS students can fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement in a number of ways. Please review the pathways flow-chart above well as the additional information below for more detailed information on how:

Foreign Language Placement Exam:

If you are trying to figure out what level of a language you should enroll in, you should take a Foreign Language Placement Exam.

If you are continuing study in ChineseGermanHebrew, or Japanese, please see instructions for the on-line placement tests here:

If you are continuing study in FrenchItalianPortuguese, or Spanish, please seen instructions for the online placement tests here:

These are not the only languages we offer!  The above languages have online placement exams, but all other languages will have placement exams during the first week of classes in September. In addition to the languages listed above, Boston University also offers: Arabic, American Sign Language, Amharic, Greek (both ancient & modern), Hindi-Urdu, Hausa, Igbo, Korean, Latin, Persian, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, Wolof, Zhosa, and Zulu.

Please check with the World Languages and Literatures, the Department of Romance Studies, the Department of Classical Studies, or the African Studies Department for placement exam times and locations.


Proficiency Evaluation:

Students whose native language is not English or who have acquired substantial knowledge of a language other than English may take a language exam or meet the requirement by demonstrating appropriate fluency, as determined by the College, in all skills relevant to the comprehension and production of that particular language. Students should request proficiency evaluation by submitting the Request for Foreign Language Proficiency Evaluation form to CAS Language Advising no later than second semester of sophomore year.