Incomplete Grades

  • No incomplete grades shall be reported unless the instructor and the student have conferred, the student has presented a compelling reason why a course cannot be completed on schedule, and the instructor has assigned a date within the succeeding 12 months by which time all course requirements must be completed.
  • Students may not complete an incomplete course for degree credit by sitting through the course or a significant portion of the course a second time.
  • No credit for incomplete courses will be granted unless the work is completed by the date assigned, which must be within one calendar year of the end of the semester for which the incomplete grade is reported.
  • In the event that coursework remains incomplete on the assigned date, the I grade will be changed to an F grade by the faculty member.
  • All remaining I grades are changed to permanent F grades 12 months after the end of the semester for which the I grade has been assigned.
  • For the benefit of both the student and the instructor, Incomplete Contracts are strongly encouraged and can be found here: