Biomicroscopy Lab


Principal Investigator: Jerome Mertz

The Biomicroscopy Lab focuses on the development of new optical microscopy techniques and on their applications to biological imaging. Our aim is to invent new techniques or to improve on existing techniques, usually for the purpose of high resolution imaging in thick tissue. We have built several experimental setups, three of which are based on femtosecond laser sources. Our current research areas include multiphoton microscopy, second harmonic generation, autoconfocal microscopy, graded field microscopy, and dynamic speckle illumination microscopy.

Our goal is to apply these techniques to biological imaging, in particular brain tissue imaging, either in-vitro (slice) or in-vivo (anesthetized animal). For this we are currently engaged in collaborations with the Neuronal Dynamics Lab (John White) and the Matt Wachowiak Lab in the Biology Department.