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The Boston University Arts Administration Program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in visual arts, performing arts, and arts service organizations in the public, private, and non-profit sectors both worldwide.

Recent decades have witnessed a rapid expansion in arts audiences, practitioners, and institutions. Simultaneously, the increased cyclical economic uncertainty in both the public and private sectors has resulted in a growing need for highly skilled administrators who can work effectively with elected officials, business and community leaders, and fellow arts professionals. In response to these factors, Boston University's program emphasizes excellence, creativity, economic problem solving, internationalism and a commitment to the new technologies of our age. We are particularly concerned with helping arts organizations place the achievement of their missions ahead of any blind devotion to maximizing revenues. It is toward that end that we sustain a deep conviction in the centrality of the role of the artist, and in the fundamental importance of the artistic excellence of the art presented, as central issues in the health of all arts organizations in the 21st century.

The program is offered through Boston University's Metropolitan College, which is specifically designed to accommodate the schedules of working adults. Students will generally be able to complete all coursework on a part-time, evening basis in approximately two calendar years. Full-time study toward the degree is also possible. International students are required to attend full-time and should be able to complete the program in 12 months.* Please note that not every course will appear in any twelve-month cycle.

*International students who begin the program in January may need more than 12 months to complete their coursework. Some international students prefer to take more time to complete their studies (16-24 months) and should refer to the FAQ page for suggested options.

To learn more, download the Arts Administration Graduate Degree brochure.

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