Career Advisory Network

The Boston University Alumni Association is committed to connecting the University’s community of students, recent graduates, and other alumni to ensure optimal professional success. To achieve this goal, the BUAA offers its online Career Advisory Network (CAN), which enables users to exchange ideas, learn, and mentor within a trusted network.

Why CAN?

CAN comprises more than 5,300 alumni advisors worldwide who assist fellow alumni and BU students via peer-to-peer networking, information sharing, mentoring, and more. Users represent a variety of industries and locales, from Tanglewood musicians and L.A. film producers to European engineers and East Asian archaeologists.

“I used CAN to contact an alum in the Los Angeles area. While home on vacation, we arranged a meeting, she set me up with contacts, and now I’m headed to LA to work. She gave me real advice, about the industry and about life after BU. It was great.”

Jessica Payne (COM’03)


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