• GRS EN 794: Professional Seminar
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: English PhD students in their final semester of coursework.
    Developing professional skills and preparing for advanced independent scholarship for English doctoral students in the last semester of coursework. Course includes preparation for comprehensive exam and dissertation prospectus; conference paper submission; publication; fellowship and job applications.
  • GRS EN 843: Modernist Gothic
    Readings from Dorian Gray through Endgame, by such authors as Stoker, Conrad, Woolf, Barnes, Faulkner, Capote, Ellison, and Morrison, in relation to nineteenth-century precursors, contemporary emanations, monsters as myth, and conceptual framings from Arendt and Levi-Strauss through the posthuman.
  • GRS EN 855: Modern Exoticism: Transnational Exchanged, Collaborations,Appropriations
    Modernism as a global phenomenon marked by longings for and fears of the exotic, but also by encounters, collaborations, and generic exchanges. Focusing on dramatic and poetic forms, with readings in translation, performance, and postcolonial theory, subaltern and gender studies.
  • GRS EN 993: Directed Study in English
  • GRS EN 994: Directed Study in English