History of Art & Architecture

  • CAS AH 580: Architectural Technology and Materials
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or consent of instructor.
    An introduction to the history of architectural construction, technologies, and materials, and their consequences in the built environment. Students receive a practical understanding of the building process and of its social and cultural contexts.
  • CAS AH 584: Greater Boston: Architecture and Planning
    Examines the buildings, development patterns, and open space planning of greater Boston, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Weekly visits to neighborhoods and buildings throughout the city are combined with independent research projects for each member of the seminar.
  • CAS AH 585: Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or permission of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: TBA.
  • CAS AH 587: Green Design
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior, senior, or graduate standing.
    This seminar explores the historical context for issues of sustainability and green architecture from the eighteenth century to the present, charted through questions of landscape theory, public park making, suburbanization, adaptive re-use, and new materials and methods of construction.
  • CAS AH 589: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior (or graduate student).
    Topic for Spring 2015: Romanticism. An exploration of the art of Goya, Blake, Friedrich, Géricault, Delacroix, and others, who created enduring works of the imagination in an era of revolution, nationalism, and religious revival.
  • CAS AH 591: Seminar in Photographic History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: Documentary Photography. A study of changing uses, definitions, and archives of documentary photography from 1839 to the present. Topics include urban photography, war imagery, topographical and survey landscapes, architectural records, social reform photography, New Deal imagery, and digital documents.
  • GRS AH 713: Imperial Reflections: Early Modern Islamic Art and Architecture
    Architecture, manuscripts, textiles, metalwork, and ceramics of the Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid Empires. Focus on the formation of imperial styles, intersections between art and politics, and the importance of the arts in dynastic legitimization.
  • GRS AH 716: African Diaspora Arts in the Americas
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Study of the transmission of African artistry in the Caribbean, South America, and the United States from the period of slavery to the present. Topics include Kongo and Yoruba arts and their influence on the arts of Santeria, Vodun, and carnival. Also offered as GRS AA 716.
  • GRS AH 726: Colloquium in Japanese Art
    The arts of Japan from prehistory through the twentieth century. Painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and architecture (including landscape architecture) are emphasized, but attention is also paid to wood block prints, ceramics, lacquer, and metalwork.
  • GRS AH 731: Arts of Archaic Greece
    This colloquium (paired with CAS AH 331) considers special topics in Greek Archaic art.
  • GRS AH 742: Colloquium in Latin American Art
    Case studies designed to explore the main aesthetic, social, and historical discourses surrounding image production in Latin America while familiarizing students with main scholars in the field and their methodologies.
  • GRS AH 782: Colloquium in Nineteenth-Century Architecture in Europe and America
    Dilemma of style in nineteenth-century architecture; study of the relationship of architectural theory to the changing philosophy and aesthetic theory of the period. Development of functionalist theory.
  • GRS AH 786: Colloquium in Twentieth-Century American Painting
    The colloquium, which accompanies the lecture course for CAS AH 386, focuses on critical and theoretical readings that relate to twentieth-century American painting, photography, sculpture, installation and performance art, and criticism.
  • GRS AH 798: Colloquium in Twentieth-Century Architecture
    In conjunction with the CAS AH 398 lecture course, this colloquium focuses on main figures, events, artifacts of twentieth-century architectural history.
  • GRS AH 802: Seminar: A-H Writing
    This seminar will consider the history and methods of art history through the writings of Vasari, Bellori, Winkelmann, Kant, Hegel, Wolfflin, Riegl, Warburg, Panofsky, Gombrich, among others.
  • GRS AH 820: Seminar: Asian Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Topic for Fall 2014: Kyoto: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism. This seminar explores the art, architecture, and urbanism of Kyoto, the Japanese imperial capital from the late eighth century to the mid-nineteenth century. Analyzes major artistic and architectural projects sponsored by generations of emperors, aristocrats and warriors.
  • GRS AH 822: Seminar: African Art
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
    In-depth discussion of special topics in the study of African art and architecture. Topic for Fall 2013: Post- Colonial Theory and Visual Culture in Northwestern Africa. This seminar underscores the continuing importance of post-colonial theory to understanding the history of African art, concentrating on historic and contemporary visual culture in Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, and Niger.
  • GRS AH 846: Seminar: Romanesque and Gothic Art
    Topic for Spring 2015: Romanesque and Early Gothic. Explores the art and architecture of Romanesque and Early Gothic Europe. Topics include attitudes to the body, the representation of women, saints, and heroes; the impact of monasticism; grotesque imagery and whimsy.
  • GRS AH 853: Seminar: Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Topic for Spring 2015: Pastoral Painting. Considers the reemergence of the pastoral as a pictorial and poetic mode in the early modern period. Topics include the relationship between art and nature; painting and poetry; city and country; ecological concerns and eco-criticism; and urban planning.
  • GRS AH 863: Seminar: Baroque Art and Architecture
    Topic for Fall 2015: Rembrandt. This seminar explores Rembrandt's art and career through a variety of art historical approaches, and is coordinated in part with the MFA exhibition, "Class Distinctions: Dutch Painting in the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer" (October 2015-January 2016).