• GRS AN 772: Psychological Anthropology
    Introduces students to some key theoretical perspectives and controversies in the cross-cultural study of psychology. Readings from classic texts and cross-cultural studies of emotion, sexuality, concepts of the person, national character, consciousness, authority, and religion.
  • GRS AN 775: Culture, Society, and Religion in South Asia
    Ethnographic and historical introduction to the Indian subcontinent with a focus on the impact of religion on cultural practices and social institutions.
  • GRS AN 784: Anthropology of Religion
    Myth, ritual, and religious experience across cultures. Special attention to the problem of religious symbolism and meaning, religious conversion and revitalization, contrasts between traditional and world religions, and the relation of religious knowledge to science, magic, and ideology. Also offered as GRS RN 687.
  • GRS AN 797: Anthropological Film and Photography
    Considers the history and development of anthropological, ethnographic, and transcultural filmmaking. In-depth examination of important anthropological films in terms of methodologies, techniques, and strategies of expression; story, editing, narration, themes, style, content, art, and aesthetics.
  • GRS AN 901: Directed Study in Anthropology
  • GRS AN 902: Directed Study in Anthropology
  • GRS AR 699: Teaching College Archaeology I
    The goals, contents, and methods of instruction in archaeology. General teaching-learning issues. Required of all teaching fellows.
  • GRS AR 701: The Intellectual History of Archaeology
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    The historical development of archaeological methods and theory from the Renaissance to the present day, including comparison of major developments in Western Europe and the Americas with developments in other regions. Basic concepts in archaeological record and society.
  • GRS AR 702: Contemporary Theory in Archaeology
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS AR 701.
    Explores aspects of contemporary theory in archaeology, including post-modern critiques of contemporary practice, new approaches to archaeology of ritual, personhood, identity, and the body; indigenous and public archaeology; and politics and archaeology.
  • GRS AR 703: Seminar: Materials in Ancient Society
    Topic to be announced. Offered through the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology.
  • GRS AR 704: Seminar: Materials in Ancient Society
    Topic to be announced. Offered through the Center for Materials Research in Archaeology and Ethnology.
  • GRS AR 705: Pre-urban Development
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Cultural development from the origins of humankind through the establishment of food production, with emphasis on models for reconstructing successive changes in adaptation among early populations.
  • GRS AR 706: Archaeology of Complex Societies
    Graduate Prerequisites: graduate standing.
    Core concepts of archaeological research on the formation, cultural development, and decay of complex societies, as well as focused study of specific aspects such as gender and identity.
  • GRS AR 707: Scientific Applications In Archaeology
    This seminar explores new ways of addressing archaeological questions through the application of scientific techniques, focusing on cutting-edge methodologies and the most recent literature in the field. Students pursue questions of individual interest through readings, discussions, presentations, and research papers.
  • GRS AR 708: Processes in the formation of Archaeological Sites.
    Considers in detail geological, biological and anthropogenic depositional and post-depositional processes that result in formation of archaeological sites. Initial focus on basic principles/processes, then their application to site-evaluation in New and Old World. Field trips in area.
  • GRS AR 712: Seminar in Old World Prehistory
    Selected problems or topics in prehistoric archaeology of the Old World.
  • GRS AR 730: Seminar: Old World Historical Archaeology
    Selected problems or topics in the archaeology of the classical world.
  • GRS AR 735: Topics in the Materiality of Ancient Mediterranean Religions
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: prior coursework in archaeology or ancient religions, or consent of instructor.
    Investigates material traces and contexts of religion in the Greco-Roman world, including iconic, architectural, votive, magical, and other archaeological remains; and draws on theories of space, image, and ritual performance. Topics vary. Also offered as GRS RN 790.
  • GRS AR 741: Seminar: Archaeology of Mesopotamia
    Detailed survey of the ancient Near East, from the introduction of agriculture to the Hellenistic era. Examines the genesis of the first urban society and its transformation under the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Persians.
  • GRS AR 742: Archaeology in the Holy Land
    In Israel, archaeology is part of current events. We study material remains from the Israelite to the Muslim conquests (c. 1200 BCE -- 640 CE) to learn how physical evidence is created and still plays a role in a larger historical drama. Also offered as GRS RN 690.