BA/MA in Political Science

This program is intended for outstanding students who wish to pursue intensive study in a specialized area of political and social science beyond the BA level. A minimum of 36 semester courses is required. Application should be made no later than November 1 of the junior year. Applicants must have completed four political science courses, including one course at the 500 level or higher, by the time of application. Students should have a minimum GPA of 3.5 overall and 3.7 in the major. Students should submit a plan of study listing a coherent cluster of courses and seminars at the graduate level in political science. This program must be approved by the director of advanced programs or the academic advisor, as must any subsequent changes. Also required is a detailed two- to three-page statement outlining the proposed specialized area of study, identifying faculty and other resources to support the program, and indicating how the course of study will enhance the student’s intellectual and career development.

For specific information concerning the program, contact the Department of Political Science. For specific information about formulating a plan of study and other application requirements, please refer to the BA/MA Programs description.