BA/MA in Mathematics

Students entering the BA/MA in Mathematics program elect one of two options: mathematics or statistics. Both options emphasize breadth of coverage of basic topics of current general importance, as opposed to narrow specialization. The objective of the program in statistics is to train general practitioners capable of making immediate contributions in industry, the medical sciences, government, or private educational and research institutions.

Potential applicants must first complete at least one upper-level course (400 level or higher statistics course for the statistics option, and 500 level or higher mathematics course for the mathematics option). As part of the application, one of the letters of recommendation should be provided by the instructor of such a course.


Students in the BA/MA program must complete all the requirements for:


  • the GRS MA degree in mathematics, which consist of a coherent program of eight graduate-level (500 or above) mathematics courses and comprehensive exams

No overlap is permitted between mathematics courses taken to satisfy the BA requirements and those taken to satisfy the MA requirements. The BA/MA program requires that students complete the CAS BA requirements (e.g., the Hub and the requirements of the mathematics major), as well as 8 additional courses at the 500 level or above for the MA which do not overlap with the courses used in completing the major requirements. The total number of credits required for the BA and MA degree is 144 (or 36 4-credit courses). In addition, students must pass the comprehensive exams at the MA level.

For further specific information concerning the BA/MA in Mathematics program, please consult an advisor in the department. For general information regarding admissions and graduation, please refer to the BA/Master’s Programs section of this Bulletin.