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Professor Roberta Micallef on Promotions and Publications

Please join us in offering warmest congratulations to Roberta Micallef who has just been promoted to Professor of Practice in Middle Eastern Literatures! Professor Roberta Micallef has also published a collection of essays in Illusion and Disillusionment, Travel Writing in the Modern Age. This publication aims to make an intervention in the diverse world of […]

A New Approach to Understanding Classical Literary Cultures: Professor Denecke publishes The Oxford Handbook of Classical Chinese Literature

  The Oxford Handbook of Classical Chinese Literature 1000 BCE through 900 CE (coedited by Wiebke Denecke, Wai-yee Li Xiaofei Tian. New York: Oxford University Press, 2017) aims to provide a solid introduction to the field, inspire scholars in Chinese Studies to explore innovative conceptual frameworks and pedagogical approaches in the studying and teaching of […]

Peace Process

Abigail Gillman Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature Peace Rally, Marsh Plaza, Boston University January 18, 2016   My name is Abigail Gillman. I have taught in the Modern Languages Department, in the Core Curriculum, and in Jewish Studies for over twenty years. I normally celebrate MLK day at home, preparing for the first […]

Professor Wiebke Denecke publishes first volume of a revisionary history of Japanese Literature: A New History of Japanese “Letterature”

A New History of Japanese “Letterature” [日本「文」学史 Nihon “bun”gakushi, coedited with Kōno Kimiko, Shinkawa Tokio, and Jinnō Hidenori. Volume 1 (Tokyo: Bensei shuppan, 2015)   This volume breaks with a century-old tradition of writing the history of Japanese literature as the triumphal evolution of Japanese vernacular literature, at the expense of the authoritative tradition of […]

Read about the “Korean Wave” in BU Today!

Modern Language and Comparative Literature senior lecturer Jaemin Roh teaches a Korean language class. Photo by Cydney Scott In little more than a decade, South Korea has become a major exporter of pop culture, fueled by the popularity of Korean pop (K-pop) music and videos on YouTube and serialized TV K-dramas. Teenagers and college students […]