BUNITED Student-Led Diversity Conference 2.18.18


BUNITED Student Diversity Conference is a Boston-wide collegiate event. We welcome all students from all universities!

The day will consist of various workshops that will cover topics stemming from oppressive systems such as mass incarceration, anti-blackness within non-black communities, misogyny, mental health, self-care and imperialism.

Through our theme “Get to the Root: Unearthing Oppression and Cultivating Change” we set out to provide networks for accountability and dialogue that promote real life problem solving in conjunction with local action. At this year’s conference we wish to focus on each individual’s capacity to make a change in society today. As we come together as one we strive to provide a platform for productive conversation and bring new perspectives to light. Most importantly, we anticipate that each attendee leaves our conference recognizing the power that they possess within themselves.

At BUNITED we hope to bring individuals together for collective learning about various cultures and realities. The conference will consist of Breakfast and Lunch, 3 workshops,  a cultural show, Feminista Jones as the keynote speaker, and a breakout session.

Please follow the link below to buy your ticket and email bunitedconference@gmail.com with any questions.