Graduate Field-Based Experiences

Practical Experience Helps You Develop the Tools You Need to Succeed

One of the cornerstones of many of the graduate programs at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development are the opportunities that students have to engage in field-based learning experiences, such as internships and practicums, to expand their knowledge of and skills in their field.

These experiential learning opportunities place our students in professional settings such as schools and clinics, where they have the chance to apply what they are learning in the classroom to practical situations. To learn more about specific degree requirements, check out our graduate programs or explore the Boston University Bulletin.

Benefits of Field-Based Experiences

Whether you are pursuing a future as an educator, counselor, or another career, field-based experiences are an important part of developing as a professional and obtaining valuable, practical experience. You will have the opportunity to practice what you’re learning in the classroom under the supervision of experienced faculty as well as expert mentors, who will work with you to pursue the practical experience that best aligns with your professional goals.

Field-based experiences also prepare students for future job searches and help connect them to professionals and professional development opportunities in their field. For students who have the goal of obtaining licensure or certification, BU Wheelock’s graduate programs can enable you to do that.

What You Learn in Field-Based Experiences

BU Wheelock graduate students working toward degrees in fields such as education or counseling have many opportunities to obtain practical experiences in their chosen fields throughout their programs. You will learn valuable professional skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

Our field experiences are based in locations that are selected for their ability to provide our students with placements that will set them up for professional success in the future. You will be matched with a supervisor who will act as a mentor to you throughout your placement

What Kinds of Field-Based Experiences Are There?

Students in many BU Wheelock graduate programs have requirements for fieldwork such as internships and practicums. Some of these field-based experiences include: student teaching, reading and literacy instruction, school administration, school counseling, and child & adolescent mental health counseling. If you want to learn more about opportunities that may be available for specific programs, visit our graduate programs or explore the Boston University Bulletin.

Student Teaching Practicums

Student teaching practicums enable our teacher candidates to complete a significant number of classroom hours and engage in activities such as co-teaching and curriculum development. Our programs help students to develop their training in fields such as elementary, secondary, special, and Deaf education, and we partner with surrounding urban and suburban school districts such as Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Quincy, and Brookline.

Reading & Literacy Instruction

The Durrell Reading & Writing Clinic provides a practicum site for graduate students who working toward careers as reading specialists. Most are also working to secure the specialist license in reading. Students gain knowledge and skill such as literacy assessments, planning lessons, supporting children’s engagement, and writing clinical progress reports.

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

  • Higher Education Administration students have many options for graduate assistantships, internships, and full-time work at higher education institutions in and around Boston. Student can directly apply what they are learning in areas such as residence life, student activities, research, and career services.
  • PK-12 Administration students engage in internships with current school administrators that will fully immerse them in the daily operations of an elementary, middle, or secondary school, with a focus on general education or special education.


  • School Counseling students complete pre-practicums and yearlong practicums at schools in the greater Boston area and gain hands-on experiences in areas such as individual counseling, special education meetings, and the college admissions process.
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Counseling students build clinical skills and complete field experiences through practicums and internships at settings that include schools and universities, behavioral health settings, residential treatment centers, and more.
  • Sport Psychology students complete an internship as well as academic and clinical requirements. This can include working at Boston University and other local colleges and universities.

Where Do Field-Based Experiences Take Place?

Graduate programs at BU Wheelock have many settings where field-based experiences take place. All locations are carefully reviewed and chosen for their alignment with BU Wheelock’s programs. Our students have had field-based experiences in a variety of settings, including urban and suburban school districts, institutions of higher education, community organizations, residential treatment centers, hospitals, and mental health counseling agencies.

Learn More about Our Graduate Field-Based Experiences

To learn more about field-based experiences at BU Wheelock, including information about licensure, visit the Professional Preparation Office. For more information about specific BU Wheelock graduate academic programs, visit our graduate programs.