Preparing your responses requires planning, thought, and time. We recommend drafting your responses for each section in a separate document. Then, after careful editing, copy/paste your answers into the appropriate boxes in the online application. The following documents can be used to prepare your application responses. Please note: the applications for summer and academic year funding vary slightly. Be sure to use the correct sample based on the semester you wish to apply for.

Blank Summer Application Sample

Blank Academic Year Application Sample

IMPORTANT: This is not the official UROP application, and a submission of this copy will not be accepted. A link to the official online UROP application can be found at the bottom of the page.

There is a character limit for each answer field. These are not character requirements. It is best to be succinct and concise in your application, rather than try to fill the available space. A character is a single letter, punctuation mark, or space. Most word processing applications provide a character count tool, which is not the same as word count. You will not be able to submit your application if you exceed the character count for the answer fields.

Student applications must be submitted by noon on the due date. Mentor recommendations are due by midnight on the application due date. Our application system does not notify your mentor that you have applied nor does it direct them to a page to fill out the recommendation. Direct your mentor to faculty recommendation forms for the online mentor recommendation (this page is Kerberos protected).

Official Spring 2024 Application

Need more help? You’ll find more information here: Application Process