Frequently Asked Questions


10 things to know about UROP

  1. All full-time undergraduate Boston University students are eligible to apply for UROP funding.
  2. Undergraduates can conduct research in any discipline. Research does not have to be related to your major.
  3. You can conduct research with professors on the medical campus or the Charles River campus.
  4. UROP offers travel funding, supplies funding, and stipend funding.
  5. UROP hosts a Symposium every October where nearly 300 students highlight their research in a poster session.
  6. Participating in research as an undergraduate allows you to build on what you learn in the classroom with hands-on experience.
  7. UROP typically funds more than 70% of requests for funding.
  8. Many students publish their research or present at professional conferences and meetings.
  9. Getting involved with research as an undergraduate can help you delve into a specific research area, refine your analytical skills, and foster relationships with professors and research collaborators.
  10. Research experience can help prepare you for a career or graduate school.