The 25th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday, October 21, 2022
Poster Presentations: 11am-12pm and 12pm-1pm
GSU Metcalf Ballroom

Dear Attendees,

Welcome to the 25th Annual Research Symposium, Boston University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is excited to host you! This year we have over 200 students presenting research they have conducted alongside Boston University faculty members, and we are so thrilled to share their hard work with you.

Click on the buttons below to find everything you will need to navigate today’s event: (i) the event program, which includes a map of the ballroom and student presentation times, (ii) an attendee survey (take the survey and be entered to win a prize!) , and (iii) the abstract booklet. The booklet is only accessible via Kerberos login, see more details below.

i. Event Program

ii. Attendee Survey

Take the survey and be entered to win a prize!

2022 Symposium Abstract Booklet
All UROP presenters have submitted an abstract detailing their research. These abstracts are compiled into a booklet that is only accessible to BU-affiliated individuals. Some research has yet to be published publicly, and because of this we are unable to grant access to the booklet to non-BU-affiliated individuals.

If you have a Kerberos login, please follow the directions below to access the booklet.

  1. Login to OpenBU with your BU account credentials here:
  2.  Return to this page, and click on the link below. You should be brought directly to the 25th Annual UROP booklet
  3.  Alternatively, you can also view the booklet by clicking on the Person Icon on the top-right corner of the page linked below, then by clicking on view: