The 24th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday, October 22, 2021
Poster Presentations: 11am-noon and noon-1pm
GSU Metcalf Ballroom

Dear Attendees,

Welcome to the 24th Annual Research Symposium hosted by Boston University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). This year we have 275+ students presenting on the research they conducted with Boston University faculty. Below you will find the online version of all the symposium materials including (i) the event program, (ii) student presenter presentation times, (iii) a symposium map, and (iv) the abstract booklet (only accessible via Kerberos login).

Event Program

Presenter Poster Numbers and Presentation Times

Symposium Map

In accordance with current Boston University safety protocol, cloth face coverings or disposable masks must be worn indoors at all times (regardless of vaccination status). We also ask that you limit your visit to 30 mins.

Abstract Booklet
All our presenters are required to submit an abstract describing their research. These abstracts are compiled into a booklet that is only accessible to BU-affiliated individuals. As some of this research has yet to be published, we are unable to make this material accessible to non-BU affiliated individuals.

If you have a Kerberos login, please follow the directions below to access the booklet.

  1. Log into OpenBU here by clicking on the person icon at the top right, selecting BU account, and then imputing your Kerberos information.
  2. View the symposium booklet on the link here.

Event Registration

Boston University-affiliated persons (including students, faculty, and staff) are not required to register prior to the day of the event. If you are within this category: when you come to the symposium please go to the check-in desk for BU-affiliated persons. At this desk, you will be asked to complete an online contact tracing form and show your green badge to a staff member in order to enter.

Non-Boston University-affiliated persons (including friends and family who do not attend or work for Boston University) are required to register prior to the day of the event. All non-BU affiliated guests must register via the Eventbrite on the Family & Friends Weekend webpage here. If an individual was not able to register/get tickets to the event, there will be some tickets offered day-of but these will be first come first serve.

day of registration