Travel Awards

UROP offers two types of travel awards:

Applications will be reviewed on a bi-monthly basis with application deadlines of October 1st, December 1st, February 1st, April 1st, June 1st, and August 1st. Applications can be submitted for conferences or research travel occurring 2 months prior to or 3 months following the application deadline.

Types of Travel Awards

Research-Related Travel Awards cover travel to a research destination such as an archeological dig, archives, or other research locations. Research-Related Travel Awards are typically no more than $500.

Conference Participation Travel Awards cover travel for undergraduates who are presenting at a conference. If you are not presenting your research, you may still be eligible for a travel award if you can convey how attendance at the conference will benefit your research. Conference Participation Travel Awards will not be granted to students attending conferences for personal or professional development. Conference Participation Travel Awards are typically no more than $500.


To be eligible for a travel award, students must be working under the mentorship of a Boston University faculty mentor. The student must be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time the travel occurs. Students may not receive more than one travel award per academic year. Students receiving a stipend award for a research project cannot receive a research-related travel award for that same project.

Your completed application consists of your application submission and a letter of recommendation from your faculty member. The travel application system will NOT send your faculty mentor a prompt to complete the recommendation form. You must direct them to the “For Mentors” page on the UROP website, where they will log in with their Kerberos information and complete the form. It is your responsibility to ensure that your mentor has sent this information in. Applications will not be reviewed until both application and letter of recommendation have been received.

Conferences and Research Outside of the US

If the conference is being held outside of the United States, you are required to register the travel with BU’s Office of Global Programs. More information on how to register for travel can be found here.

UROP Travel Application Process