Information Security Guidelines and Procedures

BU’s Copyright Violation Notification Process It is illegal and a violation of Boston University policy to download or upload copyrighted materials unless you have permission from the copyright holder or one of the limited exceptions under the U.S. Copyright Act applies (e.g., fair use). It is copyright infringement.

Google Drive Security Guide for FERPA for using the BU version of Google Drive to ensure secure storage of confidential information, including FERPA Data

BU OneDrive Security Guide for using the BU version of OneDrive to ensure secure storage of Confidential and Restricted Use information, including FERPA and HIPAA data

BU Best Practices easy-to-use guides that describe best practices for securing your computer resources quickly and effectively

Social Media Guidelines These Guidelines are addressed to employees who use social media as part of their jobs to promote their schools, programs, and departments.and also include general considerations for social media use that should be important to everyone

BU InfoSec Guideline -Security Hardening of iOS (iPad & iPhone) In order to provide the proper protection of information, these devices must be properly configured.  This document provides the steps require to properly secure an iPad or iPhone.

Policy Violation Notification Procedure Procedure for violations of Information Security Policy or Non-Disclosure Agreement

Identity & Access Management (IAM) FAQs Common questions and answers in regards to our IAM program.