For additional help with Feedback Studio in Blackboard, see Turnitin's Blackboard Basic manuals. For help with Blackboard Learn beyond Turnitin, see our Blackboard Learn pages.

For Students

If your course's instructor has set up a Turnitin Feedback Studio assignment through Blackboard, you should be able to access the assignment through your course site. It will be in one of the content areas on the upper left; your instructor should specify which one. You should see each assignment listed separately, with a button saying View/Complete. This button will allow you to submit your assignment, whether from your hard drive or from Google Drive.

For Faculty

Accessing Turnitin Feedback Studio through Blackboard Learn

  1. You should have a course site created in Blackboard Learn in which to place Turnitin assignments. Contact the IT Help Center to create a course site if you do not already have one.
  2. Log in to Blackboard Learn ( and go to your course site.
  3. Make sure Edit Mode is turned on.

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

  1. If you do not already have a content area for assignments in your course, create one using the green + button above the upper left Course Menu.
  2. Click on the content area in which you wish students to access Turnitin.
  3. From the Assessments menu, select Turnitin Assignment. This will open up a window to the Turnitin system within Blackboard Learn.
    • Note the ? Help button in the upper right-hand corner of the Turnitin window. This will take you directly to additional Turnitin help.
  4. Select Paper Assignment if students will be submitting one single draft, or Revision Assignment if they will be submitting multiple drafts.
  5. The Post Date is the date on which students will be able to view their graded and commented papers within Turnitin.
  6. Optional Settings allow you greater flexibility over the nature of the assignment.
    • These include the option to opt out of submitting papers to Turnitin's repository if you wish. Under Submit papers to:, if you select no repository, your students' papers will not be added to Turnitin's database.
  7. When you have created the assignment, a View/Complete button appears which allows you or students to submit papers.
    • The Cloud Submit option allows studentst to submit a paper directly through Google Drive.

Viewing Completed Assignments

  1. You view completed Turnitin assignments through the Course Management menu in the lower left of your course's screen; note that this is a different menu from the Course menu used for creating and submitting assignments.
  2. Click Course Tools. You should see a Turnitin Assignments option on the submenu underneath. If you do, select it.
    • If you do not see Turnitin Assignments, select Customization and Tool Availability. Scroll down to Turnitin Assignment List (not Turnitin Assignment) and check the left checkbox beside this option. Click Course Tools again.
  3. You should now see the name of any assignments you created. Click on an assignment's name to see the papers submitted for that assignment.
    • Another Turnitin window will open within Blackboard.
    • You can also edit an assignment from this window (even before any papers are submitted).

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