ATTENTION FACULTY: Boston University will no longer be using Blackboard “Turnitin Assignment” and “Turnitin Direct Assignment” in Blackboard original courses. Blackboard original courses will need to transition to “Turnitin Assignment (New)” by August 22, 2022. Click here to learn more


For additional help with Feedback Studio in Blackboard, see Turnitin’s Blackboard Basic manuals. For help with Blackboard Learn beyond Turnitin, see our Blackboard Learn pages.

For Students

If your course’s instructor has set up a Turnitin Feedback Studio assignment through Blackboard, you should be able to access the assignment through your course site. It will be in one of the content areas on the upper left; your instructor should specify which one. You should see each assignment listed separately, with a button saying View/Complete. This button will allow you to submit your assignment, whether from your hard drive or from Google Drive.

For Faculty

The Turnitin Feedback Studio consists of individual assignments that you can create in your course site that you can use to provide direct feedback to student submissions.

Additional Feedback Studio Features and Support