Today’s fast-paced, high-tech educational climate requires accurate and cost-effective solutions for evaluations and tests. All services are now offered online in digital format.

Switching to collecting information, providing assessments, and giving exams digitally provides a rapid turnaround and more accurate results. Moving tests and evaluations to an online format also saves time and is less costly and error-prone than manual data collection.

Click the services below to learn more about what tools are available for assessments, exams, and evaluations.

  • An assessment management system allows academic programs and the University to keep track of program efforts to report their methods of academic assessment. Anthology Planning allows programs to enter and keep track of annual program assessment reports, compare them over time and export them, as well as to track which reports still need to be submitted. Faculty can collaborate on assessment reports and project and share departmental plans for assessing learning outcomes over time.... more »

  • Popular and effective educational programs stand out because they incorporate student feedback and make positive changes based on course evaluations. Blue from Explorance is a robust, fully integrated course evaluation system that streamlines and automates many of the course evaluation tasks.... more »

  • Grading Support tools assist faculty with the process of evaluating student work.  This assistance can take the form of integrity checking (i.e plagiarism) or features that automate or assist with repetitive grading tasks.... more »

  • High-stakes exams for licensure, certification, and accreditation require secure testing environments, for both in-person and remote settings. With ExamSoft, instructors create and grade exams faster and easier. Use ExamSoft to collect and organize all your assessment data in one place, analyze exam results, generate valuable reports on student learning that highlight individual strengths and opportunities, and provide students with detailed feedback to improve their future performance.... more »