Site Admins who manage users for their site will do so on the Users screen. The left side of the page lists current users and their roles. The roles are:

  • Site Admin (formerly Web Admin) - access to user management, site options, section groups, contact form recipients, and other/future admin features.
  • Lead Editor (formerly Web Editor) -  edit pages and news posts, create new pages and posts, access calendar functions.
  • Section Editor - available when the BU Section Editing plugin is enabled, create and edit pages/posts only in sections where granted permission to do so.
  • Contributor - create new drafts, but has limited metadata editing ability and cannot publish.

Adding and removing users automatically adds or removes them from the BU Calendar application.

To add new users:

  1. Click Users located in the left menu in the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Enter the Email address or Username (BU login name).
  4. Select the appropriate role.
  5. Click Add Existing User.