In WordPress, most of your site maintenance is done by simply managing your pages. Click Pages in the left navigation to get a list of all your site’s pages. Each individual page contains a few core components that provide the basic info WordPress needs:

  1. Page Title – Appears in several locations:
    a). Main headline on your page.
    b). Title of your page in WordPress administration.
    c). In the HTML title, in this format: Page Title > Site Name > Boston University.
  2. Permalink – The web address (URL) for a page. You can edit this to create a shorter URL.
  3. Page Content – The text, images, headings, and other content that makes up the body of information unique to this page.
  4. Label – The label used for each page in navigation menus. Edit these to create short, intuitive navigation labels.
  5. Page Placement – Think of the navigational hierarchy of your site as a family tree, and that is how WordPress organizes your site. When you create a new page, assign it a parent and that page will show up within that family of links.