Your site is full of links. You can manage them in one of three ways:

  1. Inline Links – Links within a page on your site. In the page editor:
    1. Type the text to which you will attach the link.
    2. Highlight the text with your cursor.
    3. Click the Link icon in the toolbar.
    4. Type a web address (optionally, select a Target and enter a link title or brief description).
  2. Also See – This family of links appears in a sidebar widget on every page. This is useful to highlight prominent links that are outside of your site but related to the business of your department. These are added via the Links screen accessible from the left menu.
  3. Navigation Menus – Your site’s navigation menus use the “family tree” analogy we described in the Maintaining Pages section. Access the Pages > Edit Order plugin to re-arrange your site’s navigation menus in a simple drag-and-drop environment. To link from your navigation to an external website or Media Library item, click on Add a Link located above the list of pages.

TIP: Always be sure to click the Publish Changes button when you make changes in Pages > Edit Order. The button is at the bottom of the page, under your site tree, so it’s easy to miss – but none of your changes are saved until that Publish Changes button is clicked.