Departmental administrators are responsible for adding/removing editors from departmental websites in BU WordPress. If you need to become a departmental website editor, please contact your department's website Site Admin instead of contacting IS&T.

  • If you need to manage access to a static site (non-WordPress) use the Static Site Manager.
  • If all previous admins/editors have left the University, contact IS&T to begin the process to identify a new primary Site Admin.

For existing Site Admins, you can manage your editors through the WordPress dashboard.

WP Dashboard > Users

This view shows a list of your existing users.

Adding a New User

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Users.
  • Click the "Add New" button.
  • Type in the user's BU login name (the part of the email before
  • Select a role from the menu (Site Admin has site-wide editing access).
  • Click the "Add Existing User" button to complete the process (note the button says Add "Existing" User because the user is already found in the database of general BU user accounts).

Removing a User

  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Users.
  • Hover your mouse over the user you wish to delete - you will see a "Remove" option.
  • Click "Remove"
  • A summary page of the user(s) you are removing will display - click "Confirm Removal"