• Scan to Email/Cloud Storage is not available on all MyPrint devices. You can confirm if a device is capable of scanning on the MyPrint: Locations page.
  • There is no charge for scanning to Email/Cloud Storage.
  • Currently only BU Google Drive and BU OneDrive (Faculty/Staff Only) are available for Scan to Cloud Storage.
  • The first time you scan to cloud storage, you will be asked to authorize PaperCut to save files to your account. More information can be found in the Authorize PaperCut to Scan to Cloud Storage section.

Scan to Email/Cloud Storage at a MyPrint Device

  1. Swipe your BU ID or login via the onscreen keyboard
    Login screen on printer_color
  2. Choose Scan
    MyPrint Scan Pic1
  3. Select “Scan to My Email”, “BU Google Drive” or “BU OneDrive” depending on where you want the file sent. Note: “BU OneDrive” will only appear to Faculty and Staff.
  4. Confirm your scan settings. When you’re ready to begin scanning, tap “Scan.”Change the file name by clicking the “Filename” button or change the scan settings via the “Settings” button, when ready click “Scan”
    • To change the filename, tap the “Filename” button.
    • To change scan settings, including color, orientation, resolution, and double-sided, tap “Settings.”
      • Note: By default, the scanner will be set to 2-sided and use the automatic document feeder at the top of the device. To scan using the glass, tap “Settings” and change to single sided.

  5. Once the scan is complete, tap “Send.” To scan more pages, tap “Scan more.”

Authorize PaperCut to Scan to Cloud Storage

The first time you send a scan to “BU Google Drive” or BU OneDrive,” you will receive an email from “scans@papercut.com” at your BU email address.

When Scanning to BU Google Drive, the email will have the subject : “Authorize Scans for PaperCut MF to save to your Google Drive.” The email will look like the message below:

  1. Click on the “Login to Google Drive”  button.
  2. Enter your BU email address then click “Next”
  3. You will be redirected to a BU Login page. Enter your BU username and password.
  4. Click “Allow”
  5. You are all set. Your files can be found under the folder, “Scans for PaperCut MF,” found at the top level of your Google Drive.