How to submit a print job via a web browser

Web Upload only supports double-sided printing to print single-sided configure MyPrint printers on your device


  1. Go to and login using your BU username and Kerberos password.

papercut login

  1. Click Web Print from left menu.

choose web print

  1. Click Submit a Job.

 click Submit a Job


  1. Click BW or Color depending on your job then click 2. Print Options and Account Selection.

choose BW or color

  1. Enter the number of copies you require then click 3. Upload Documents.

choose number of copies

  1. Either drag your file from your computer to the Drag files here box or select it via the Upload from computer. Once the file has been uploaded click Upload & Complete.

Upload files

  1.  Wait for the status to change to Finished: Queued for printing, then your print job is ready for release at one of the MyPrint printer locations.

wait until file is held in queue

*If job fails try to submit the job via a computer (see how to configure MyPrint printers)