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Available to: Students

Cost: No cost

Request a Laptop

Information Services & Technology (IS&T) is piloting a short-term loaner laptop program to actively enrolled BU students. A limited number of laptops are available to support students who are unable to use their own computer for academic work.


IS&T’s student loaner laptops are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Students will be able to sign in and use Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and more without needing to download and install them first. Other applications can be installed with a single click from the Self Service portal. Endpoint Protection comes preinstalled, keeping you safe while you work.

Key Features

  • Apple MacBook Air (M2, 13.6″)
    • Includes a MagSafe 3 charger and laptop sleeve
  • Common IS&T supported applications preinstalled
  • Protected with endpoint protection and full disk encryption

What to Expect

Laptop loans may be requested for a duration of up to 14 days. One extension for up to 7 additional days may be requested, but is subject to review and will be granted based on supply availability.

Laptops may be checked out and returned by the borrower at the IT Help Center’s West Campus location at 179 Amory St during standard operating hours. Please see the IT Help Center’s Hours & Location page for more information.

When checking out a laptop, please plan for your visit to take around 15 minutes while IT Help Center staff finalize your loan, assess the laptop for any damage or software issues, and assist you with your first login over the network.

Please ensure your files are backed up prior to returning the laptop. When checking it back in, please allow for 10 minutes so IT Help Center staff can inspect the laptop and assist you with securely erasing all content and settings. Any issues found with the equipment will be communicated to the borrower through the ticket created from their initial loan request.


  • You must be an actively enrolled BU student to be eligible for the program.
  • A request form must be submitted and confirmed by IT Help Center staff before a laptop can be issued.
  • Borrowers must present their BU ID when checking out a laptop.
  • Laptops may only be picked up and returned by the borrower. Do not leave the laptop with anyone other than IT Help Center staff.
  • Pick-up and drop-off of laptops is available only at the IT Help Center’s West Campus location at 179 Amory St. Please see the IT Help Center’s Hours & Location page for more information.


While loaner laptops are available at no cost, students will be charged for laptops not returned, returned without all accessories, or returned with physical damage. Charges will be determined by the IT Help Center based on the cost of the repair and/or replacement parts.

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