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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, New/Incoming Students, IT Professionals

Cost: Most services are available to the BU community at no charge, except for the cost of new hardware, software, and parts required for hardware repair. Labor charges do apply in some cases for personally owned assets. See our detailed service and pricing information.

Desktop Hardware & Software encompasses a number of offerings, including advice on choosing appropriate hardware, setting up your hardware, installing the software you need, managing your desktop or notebook and providing ongoing support and repairs.


Using recommended hardware and software allows you to receive the best, most efficient support from our IT team.  Additionally, the managed desktop offerings (both physical and virtual) for faculty, staff, and researchers relieve departments, schools, and individuals of the responsibilities and costs associated with managing personal computers. Our software support offering helps you purchase, install and use a variety of software products. And if your computer malfunctions we can diagnose and repair it (certain restrictions apply).

Key Features

  • Purchasing advice
    • Helps you determine if a laptop or desktop, or perhaps even a virtual machine, best suits your needs.
    • Provides hardware recommendations for institutionally owned desktops and notebooks (in cooperation with Sourcing & Procurement).
    • Recommends selected desktops and notebooks for personal purchases and facilitates purchases at educational prices.
  • Diagnosis and repair
    • Offers diagnosis and repair of hardware from most major vendors; see complete list here.
    • Provides assistance with virus/malware removal.
  • Software support
  • Managed desktops for supported departments
    • Relieves departments and individuals of the need to manage computers.
    • Offers pick up and return of equipment needing repairs.
    • Enables you to use loaner equipment while your computer is being repaired.
    • Offers a standard Windows or Mac image that includes Microsoft Office and other commonly used software.
    • Provides software support at your office location.
    • Maintains and secures your software by installing the latest patches.

What to Expect

See the IT Help Center hours and locations information.

Desktop Services support hours for clients and departments participating in the managed desktops options are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


You must be an active member of the BU community

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