By installing this software, you agree to read and conform to the following conditions:

  • Except as noted below, software licensed under this agreement may only be installed on computers owned or leased by Boston University.
  • In order to make use of any of the Windows operating system upgrades available under this program, a computer must be licensed to run some version of Microsoft Windows or MacOS (Intel-based).
  • Licenses are annual, not perpetual, and are subject to renewal. Software licensed under this agreement may only be installed and used during the term of this agreement.
  • The University will notify employees if this agreement terminates. Upon termination, the software must either be deleted or licensed by other means.
  • BU employees may use a copy of Microsoft Office for work-related purposes [1] at home via the Microsoft Work at Home program OR if they need Office for personal use, [2] they can acquire it at a discount under the Microsoft Home Use Program. Microsoft Office under the Microsoft Home Use Program is downloadable directly from Microsoft.
  • Employees who install Office under the Work at Home program must uninstall the software if they are no longer employed by BU or if Office is no longer available for use at work under agreement with Microsoft.