Registration requires participants to provide information before receiving a Zoom meeting link. Registration links will not contain your meeting ID, which adds a layer between the general public and your actual meeting information. While registration alone may not stop the most persistent disruptive participants, it is a strong deterrent and should be considered for any public meeting.

Enabling Registration

Registration can be enabled for your meetings when they are scheduled with the Zoom website or Blackboard integration. While you can enable registration on existing meetings, anyone who has already received an invite will need to register before they next join the meeting.

  1. Log in to Zoom Meetings using your BU Login. If you use Zoom Meetings for HIPAA, please log in here.
  2. Select "Meetings" from the menu on the left.
    Zoom web menu with meetings highlighted
  3. Locate your meeting from the list and click "Edit".
    Zoom website meeting list with edit button highlighted
  4. Locate and enable "Registration."
    Screenshot of Zoom meeting settings with registration required checkbox checked.
  5. Finish configuring your meeting, then click "Save."

After saving, your meeting link and invitation will change to a registration link. You can then send the registration link to your invitees or post it online. When someone registers, they will receive an email with instructions for joining and can add the meeting to their calendar.

Customizing Registration

Screenshot of Registration section of Zoom meeting information with edit button highlightedAfter enabling registration, you can add additional questions or require participants to be manually approved by you before receiving instructions for joining the meeting.

Registration management is located at the bottom of your meeting information page. To make changes to registration, click the "Edit" link on the right side. For more information about the settings, we recommend checking Zoom's support article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only allow participants with specific email domains to register for my meeting?

Yes, this is possible by enabling meeting authentication. Zoom's registration system will validate the participant's submitted email against your meeting requirements and stop them from registering if their email address does not match.

What if a participant doesn't have a Zoom account?

Zoom will display the following error and stop participants without accounts from registering for meetings with authentication requirements:

"This meeting is for authorized registrants only. Please enter another email address. Sign up free."

BU affiliates encountering this error can be advised to sign in to the Zoom website or app using their BU login before trying to register again.

What fields are required for registration?

Registration must collect at least an email address and first name. Last name will be enabled by default but can be removed from the form.

How can I get a registration report?

Registration reports can be generated from the Reports area in Zoom. For more information, see Zoom's support article.