Zoom Meetings is approachable and generally usable out of the box. However, there are some additional settings and integrations we encourage you to leverage to enhance your experience. This page is designed to complement the Zoom Help Center, a robust knowledge base with training materials and articles to help you get started with Zoom.

Sign in with your BU Login

When signing in to Zoom using the desktop or mobile applications, you'll need to follow a few additional steps to authenticate with your BU Login. By default, the application will prompt you for an email address and password.

Securing Your Meetings

Zoom offers several options for protecting you from unwanted participants or actions that might disrupt your meeting or instruction.


Install Zoom Calendar Add-ins

You can easily schedule Zoom meetings from your BU calendar using Zoom's Outlook and Google add-ins. After installing the Zoom add-ins, you'll be able to schedule Zoom meetings without having to leave your calendar application.

Integrate with your BU Calendar

By integrating with your BU Calendar, upcoming events will display within the Zoom desktop and mobile applications. Once connected, you will be able to quickly join meetings on your calendar with the click of a button.


Adding Zoom to Blackboard

Integrating Zoom with Blackboard will easily allow you to connect with your class online.

Downloading Cloud Recordings

You can access, manage, and download your recordings from Zoom's website anytime.


Sharing Cloud Recordings With Students

After recording a class session to the cloud, Zoom processes the file and sends you an email with a link to access the video. In situations where you need to provide access to your recorded class session as quickly as possible, instructors can share their recordings from Zoom directly.

Retrieving Meeting Attendance

After hosting your meeting or class, you may wish to quickly view a report of who attended. Zoom allows meeting hosts to retrieve a participant report after their meeting has completed containing who joined, when they joined, and when they left.


About Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI)

Your PMI provides a quick and persistent way for you to invite someone to meet with you when scheduling a meeting or using a calendar is impractical.