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Spark! Alum, Where Are They Now? – Josh and Jameson Hollis

Spark! alum continue to carry their innovative mindsets and creativity beyond their undergraduate experience. Josh (MET’19) and Jameson Hollis (SAR’17), brothers and Spark! alum, took their knowledge from Spark! To shape their work that makes them the inspiring innovators they are today.  After graduating from BU, Josh works at his own SaaS startup, Movez, while […]

Giving Day – The Many Faces of Spark!

On April 6th, 2022, BU is holding a 24-hour fundraising campaign for parents and alumni to donate to BU and make an impact on students’ learning experiences. We hope that you’ll join us in supporting and giving back to BU Spark!.  Meet some of our Spark! Squad members, their projects, and hear what they have […]

Black Leaders Breaking Barriers in Tech

In honor of Black History Month, Spark! is remembering and featuring influential black leaders who have profoundly shaped science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Katherine Johnson Katherine Johnson, the “human computer,” calculated NASA’s flight paths which contributed to the first mission to space. “Let me do it. You tell me when you want it and where […]

Spark! Shows How Creative Tech Can Be at First Ever BU Bazaar

Before a record-setting blizzard enveloped Boston on Saturday, BU students took over the Charles River campus for BU Bazaar. Innovate@BU sponsored the first-ever event of its kind, where student creativity and innovation was celebrated in the form of a campus-wide meetup and sale. Free clothes, art, jewelry, home goods, and more were up for grabs, […]

Together at Last: Spark! Fall 2021 Demo Day

For what seemed like ages, virtual Demo Days were the norm. Innovation transcended through the computer screen, as teams proved that physical separation doesn’t blockade creativity.  This time, innovation surged within four walls at the first in-person showcase after three Demo Days apart. With no technical difficulties in sight, Spark!’s end of semester event was […]

“Have Conviction, Give a Shit.” Spark! Alum’s Journey From Idea to Launch

When the rose colored glasses are removed, the cost of college dissuades even the most promising students from attending. “It’s my personal goal to make college accessible for everybody,” Spark! alum Vipul Patel said.  Patel is fulfilling that goal with his start-up, Tasseled. Tasseled allows for students to take lower cost college courses at thousands […]

Spark! Alum, Where Are They Now? Jorge Nario

Most people dream of seeing the culmination of their work in a published paper. Spark! alum and Google Software Engineer Jorge Nario (CAS’20) made that a reality with his recent work, “Capturing Covertly Toxic Speech via Crowdsourcing.” As one of the brains behind the Google team who authored the paper, Nario worked to address the issue of […]

Spark! Students, NAACP Tackle Bias with App 

For over a century, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has fought to ensure the end of race-based discrimination. Spark! students are now joining the NAACP in that ongoing fight by creating an app which media outlets can use to self-assess bias in their coverage.  “The purpose of this application is […]

Journey from Spark! Ambassador to MassMutual Data Engineer

A year and a half ago, one MassMutual Data Engineer walked the halls of Boston University as a Spark! Ambassador. Now, Sandy Seedhom is returning to her alma mater, letting students know the sky’s the limit. While at BU, Seedhom constantly evaluated what career path would be most fulfilling. Changing her major four times, the […]