Spark! Demo Day Fall 2022 Changes Locations and Sets Record

By now, it’s essentially a fact that Spark! students continuously show up and show out, and Fall Demo Day 2022 was no different.

In record fashion, almost 220 people came together in the Questrom School of Business Auditorium in person and virtually to witness what’s been a semester’s worth of innovation for students in the Spark! Innovation Program, X-Lab, Practicum, and co-Labs. Their projects ranged from apps that are sure to shine in the technology marketplace, groundbreaking investigations published in media outlets, and efforts to take our partner’s existing projects to new heights.


Winner’s Circle

Stewie Judges’ Choice for Innovation Program

Stewie is a cooking web application that helps young adults gain the confidence and support to simply get in the kitchen and start cooking for themselves.

Team: Lauren Had, Jeffrey Hsu, Muhammed Abdalla, Edwyn Song


GitHub | Jira | Product Link

Click to view Stewie’s presentation


SpeedyPark Audience Choice for Innovation Program

Prototype for parking assistance tool for BU students looking for information on actual or likely parking spaces on campus based on location and time.

Team: Alex Zhou, Andrew Hu, Linah Uchiyama, Justin Lee, Daniel Yu


GitHub | Jira

Click to view SpeedyPark’s presentation


DEI in Tech: Pass/Fail Project — Audience Choice for External Projects

First Year Pass/Fail is a proposed framework for Boston University’s Computer Science department to implement a new more encompassing first-year course and use pass/fail grading. This change is designed to lessen the amount of students that are pushed out the major for a number of factors.

Team: Olivia Bene


Spark! Technology Innovation Program


Social Media filtering tool to protect vulnerable or at-risk individuals from bullying based on semantic model, search bots, and an interface that allows users to easily apply the tool to their social media feeds. 

Team: Ruiqi Liu, Jingyi Tsai, Alex Lavaee, Ethan Seow


GitHub | Jira | Product Link

Click to view BullyProof’s presentation



Online community and information aggregator for individuals suffering from specific non-life threatening chronic diseases to share remedies, information about treatment, providers, and more.

Team: Ashley Hsieh, Venika “Nika” Vachani, Zachary Gou, Mani Mukesh Reddy


GitHub | Jira

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BU InfoShare

An open online resource where BU students can share information and find information regarding courses and homework for their respective majors.

Team: Hou Chi Chan, Macy See So, Joseph Jang


GitHub | Jira | Product Link

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CollaborArt is a virtual reality platform to create digital artworks together.

Team: Roubing Liao, Crystal Sealey, Akhil Uthappa, Sitong Liu


GitHub | Jira | Product Link

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Empoworker is a web application that provides undocumented workers the ability to search for a company in Massachusetts and see that company’s workforce violations. With access to this information, workers can decide whether the company is a reliable employer and prevent becoming victims of labor abuse.

Team: Daniel Gonzalez, Seoyeun “Chloe” Lee, Añulika Nnadi, Roberto Rodas-Herndon


GitHub | Jira | Product Link

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Justice Media co-Lab

USA Today — Analyzing Political Messaging on Social Media

This project mined Facebook posts and Tweets from congressional candidates leading up to the midterm elections to explore and understand political rhetoric.

Team: Melissa Ellin, Sam Petruccelli, Vy Nguyen, Yuyan Li, Lily Kepner, and Joy Shen


Click here to view Spark! x USA Today presentation

GBH Youth Voting

The goal of this project was to analyze large amounts of voting data to identify trends amongst youth voters throughout the state. Using demographic data such as location and party, we wrote an article with independent reporting to supplement our findings for WGBH.

Team: Jasmine Fanchu Zhou, Molly Farrar, Yuyan Li, Dongyue Xu, Samuele Petruccelli, Artemis Huang


Click here to view GBH Youth Voting presentation

DEI in Tech

DS291: One for All, All for One

One for all, All for One is an organization for minorities, and All, STEM majors which will help them get more real-world and applicable experience for the workforce by working on team-based engineering projects. It will also provide them with a place to work on coursework and build a network with mentors, professors, and professionals. It is also a place for STEM students to build a network and socialize with other students as well.

Team: Oliver Samuels


DS291: Unconscious Bias in Tech

The goal of this project is to introduce a training manual for tech companies that helps them avoid unconscious bias in the workplace. The manual will be an online subscription with a minimal fee of $5 which can also be waived if the company submits a waiver saying that they are a small company.

Team: Lavya Midha


External Projects

DS459: Brady Disclosure Information Extraction Project

The Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) also known as the public defender, enlisted students to build a machine learning pipeline to extract and standardize key data from ‘Brady notices’ that require the government to disclose key evidence.

Team: Ryan Hom, Yile “Arin” Wang, Aditya Pal, Wenhan “Vivian” Zhou


Click here to view the Brady Disclosure Information Extraction Project presentation

DS519: Boston Children’s Hospital: ALS Audio Bank

Students worked on this project for Children’s Hospital to create a stable, clean, and efficient web application for ALS patients and their caretakers. The application provides automated audio file editing such that ALS patients’ voice recordings can be used for customized synthetic voice production.

Team: Daniel Delijani, Shaolin Xie, Haowei Li, Chang Liu


Click here to view ALS Audio Bank’s presentation

XC 410 B1: DS4G Mayor’s Office of Housing Stability

The goal of this project was to understand eviction patterns in Boston, specifically the outcome of notices to quit (evict) filed in court vs. actual evictions to determine

Team: Andy Yang, Diti Pitre, Guannan Zhou, Hanna Dworkin, Ruihang Liu


Click here to view Mayor’s Office of Housing Stability presentation 

CS 506: Housing Forward MA

Data science is a powerful tool for unlocking insights based on data. Using that as our tool, we targeted Massachusetts’ housing crisis issue by helping map the impact of the legislation to create MBTA Communities as a tool for increasing affordable multi-family housing stock.

Team: Chuhan Li, Yuxin Liu, Miles Clemons, Ryan Long Hei Ko, Gloria Ampadu-Darko


Click here to view Housing Forward MA presentation

CS506: Bad Landlords

In response to a request from project partner, City Councilor Breadon (D9), students produced an interactive map that shows the number of housing violations and the top worst landlords in each neighborhood. The project also
concludes with if affordable houses have more violations and the reasons for concentrated violations.

Team: GM Harshvardhan, Janki Chauhan, Tianyang Gu, Dingyuan Xu


Click here to view Bad Landlords’ presentation

Spark! Internship: Museums Moving Forward

Museums Moving Forward (MMF) is a data-driven, curator-led effort to create a culture of accountability within the art museum sector. We have implemented an interactive web application to visualize the survey data using highcharts.

Team: Shobhakumar Selvarhaj, Ingi Hong, Ananya Chakraborty