BU Spark! is seeking mentors to assist student innovators take their projects to the next level. Mentors will help guide motivated teams of students in Spark! Fellowships and X-Lab programs. We are seeking three types of mentors including Innovation Coaches, Technical Innovation Specialists, and Interaction Design Mentors.

Innovation Coaches:

Innovation coaches are mentors who work with Spark! Fellows will guide students through the process of developing a technology product from idea to launch (or initial MVP). The ideal innovation coach has general experience in technology product management or entrepreneurship. User experience experts are also a great fit for the Innovation Coach mentoring role.

Technical Innovation Specialists:

Technical innovation Specialists are mentors who are able to guide students through critical issues associated with the process of developing or building out their products.

Interaction Design Mentors:

Interaction Design Specialists will work directly with students focused on interaction design activities on behalf of the larger student team. The focus of this group of students is to collaborate with computer science students in advising and designing the user interface and user experience of a technical product, which may be an app algorithm, or another service of their creation. Students will count on your expertise to help them develop their work and overcome design barriers.

FAQ’s can be found on the application.
Please email Spark! at if you have any additional questions about our mentorship program.