Our programs

BU Spark! offers experiential learning and innovation programs to help you connect, build, gain skills, and realize your potential and passion in computing and data science — all within a vibrant community of students like you. 

Some advanced programs require an application, but many opportunities offered through Spark! courses do not, and everyone is always welcome to join our community.


Spark! Ambassador Program: Build our community

The Spark! Ambassador Program is a unique on-campus employment experience for students. Spark! Ambassadors manage activities and events connected to the Spark! Space, and work to build an inclusive, vibrant, and enriching community for students interested in computing, data science, engineering, and related disciplines.

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    Spark! Technology Innovation Fellowship Program: Work on your project

    If you have an idea you want to take to the next level or want a structured experience with teammates at your side, the Spark! Technology Innovation Program is the place for you. You can work informally on your project with the help of Spark! mentors or, if you don’t know where to start, take a course that will help you take your project from an idea to a working prototype in one semester.

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    X-Lab: Join a project

    If you want to work on technical projects provided by external or research partners, our experiential learning lab — X-Lab — is the place for you. Through our computer and data science practicum courses, interdisciplinary practicum courses through the XCC, or paid internship for advanced students, you can help make a difference and real-world impact for our project partners.

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