Ignite Travel Fund FAQs

What are the goals of the Ignite Travel Fund?

The Hackathon fund has four main goals: 

  • Increase the number of students attending and benefitting from hackathon experiences
  • Ignite a spark for students looking to deep dive into CS and technology
  • Increase the involvement of BU students in the broader computer science community
  • Build skills and networks for underrepresented minorities

What are the criteria to be selected?

We are prioritizing the following students for the hackathon funds:

  • Students from populations who are underrepresented in the tech sector, specifically women and African American and Latinx students (rationale: We believe that hackathons contribute to professional success and want to provide more opportunities for students from less-represented groups to access the benefits of hackathons)
  • New hackers or students who haven’t attended hackathons or many conferences before (rationale: We want to be able to increase the number of students who are exposed to hackathons and therefore target students who are not frequent attendees)
  • Students participating as a team of students from BU (rationale: We want to build community among BU’s hackers and therefore are looking to fund teams, especially teams that include beginners)
  • Advanced hackers attending high-profile hackathons (rationale: We want to build BU’s profile and reputation among the tech community and corporate sponsors which will be done by funding teams with the potential to win hackathons)

How do I apply?

  • You must apply to the hackathon fund at least two weeks before your hackathon. 
  • You must demonstrate that there are no existing stipends or available transport provided by the hackathon to fund travel
  • Fill out the application and submit a write-up and pictures of the event 

How many times can I request funding to attend hackathons/conferences?

Students can only request funding to attend one event per year.

How much money can I request?

Close hackathons (located on the East Coast) will be reimbursed up to $200. Hackathons outside of the northeast will be assessed on a case-by-case basis not to exceed $500 per person.

Are there any requirements for attending?

Students who receive a travel grant must submit an application and write a short blurb on their experience including who was on their team, what companies they networked with, what they created, whether they applied for or received an award, and any additional reflections on their experience. Additionally, providing pictures and a devpost link (when applicable) is appreciated. Students willing to write a blog post with the information above will be given additional consideration.

Do you fund entire teams?

Yes, we fund entire teams and we encourage you to apply as a team. We are prioritizing teams with underrepresented minorities and/or first-time hackathon goers and we are also prioritizing advanced skill level teams attending specific hackathons. 

How large is the Hackathon Fund?

Funding will be awarded on a rolling basis based on the criteria outlined until the fund is depleted. 

When will I know if my funding request has been accepted?

The Ignite Council will review applicants every two weeks. 

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