Transfer Student Resources

Getting Involved

Splash: BU’s club fair

Splash gives students the opportunity to interact with all different groups on campus. It is hosted by BU Students Activities and occurs at the beginning of each semester. Although it can be overwhelming to have so many options and interact with many different clubs, it is worth going to become aware of different clubs and get on their mailing lists.

Once you have narrowed down a couple of organizations you are interested in, get involved! Give clubs a chance if they spark your passions. Make sure your community makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. You got this.


First-Year Outreach Project (FYSOP)

FYSOP welcomes all students that are new to campus. It takes place a week before classes start for the fall semester. Students are put into groups and assigned to student leaders. Although FYSOP is designed for first-year students, there is always a group of transfer students to help everyone new to campus feel at home. This week is designed to get you acquainted with campus, get to know each other, and get involved in some community service. 

For more information or to sign up for the program, check out the Community Service Center’s website.



Transition to BU (TTBU) is a peer mentoring program designed for students to help other students in their transition to BU. To request a TTBU peer mentor, email This mentor can help answer questions about joining clubs, where to eat, how to get books, and more.

TTBU also hosts transfer students events for the purpose of making connections. These events could be one way to start to build your community.

Follow Transition to BU on Instagram at @transitiontobu




Transfer Students are assigned academic advisors in the same way as incoming first-year students. Each school within BU has a contact person for transfer students. 

    • For CAS, contact Kerry Buglio at in CAS Advising.
    • To email CAS Advising more generally, email
    • For more information, visit this page on Transfer Advising.



Here is a Transfer Roadmap planning sheet that includes the specific Hub units needed to graduate as a Transfer student. 

    • Use the front side of the Transfer Roadmap to plan the courses you will take. Don’t worry about having this all figured out right away, it is a work in progress. 
    • Use the backside of the Transfer Roadmap to envision what types of activities you want to try out of class. This planning could include what types of internships you want to complete or what abroad program you are interested in.
      • Discuss this roadmap with your advisor as you develop it. 
      • Remember to redraw your Roadmap as you learn more about your interests and passions.


  • This website contains helpful information on transferring credits.
  • This page covers basic University level academic requirements.


BU strongly recommends living on campus your first year at BU. There are a variety of different dorm types to choose from, including BU’s Living-Learning communities. BU’s Living-Learning communities unite students with shared interests. These range from the Earth House to the Community Service House and more. Check out this page for more information.


For more BU resources check out our General Resource Page