Use Your Sociological Imagination

About the Department

The Department of Sociology at Boston University fosters teaching and research that expand knowledge of human social behavior.  By introducing students to the art and science of sociology, including its theories and methods, the Department contributes to the education of active, critically informed and globally-aware citizens, as well as to the training of the next generation of teachers, policy makers, and scholars. Our faculty and students actively engage their sociological imaginations, challenging common-sense explanations of individuals’ behavior, and instead thinking about the complex ways that social, economic, and historical forces shape our lives.

The study of sociology prepares students for understanding the world around us, and also provides them with important research and professional skills: the ability to evaluate evidence; to construct plausible interpretations of that evidence; and to present their interpretations in a coherent, persuasive manner.

The Department of Sociology offers a broad range of course options, delving into topics like gender and sexuality, race, migration, crime and law, families, health, social networks, cities, economic life, education, and social policy in the U.S. and worldwide. Our faculty members are internationally recognized scholars who are equally passionate about teaching and advising students.

Our undergraduates go on to varied, interesting careers: in social service and social justice organizations, law and government, medicine and public health, and in international relations and teaching. Graduates of the MA and PhD programs pursue careers not only in the traditional areas of research and teaching but also in fields as diverse as urban planning, law and justice, government service, education, and health policy.

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