Why Sociology?

Sociology majors will bring their sociological imaginations to any career. There is no one path for majors. Majors graduate and build careers in a variety of industries: public health, law, academia, politics, social work, policy, and many more! Employers seek employees with many of the skills that students learn through taking sociology courses.

You may not know what you want to do- and that’s ok! The best way to explore which career path might be best for you is to learn by doing: apply for internships and try out jobs in fields that interest you.


Helpful Guide to Finding Summer Jobs and Internships: 

Make a Handshake and LinkedIn profile. These platforms will help you view available jobs so you know what is out there.

Contact any Boston University alumni working in your area of interest to see if they have any leads on summer jobs within their organizations. 

  • Through LinkedIn, one can view how many alumni work at every company or organization.
  • BU Connects enables students to contact alumni that they otherwise might not have discovered. These BU alumni want to answer questions about their field and mentor students.

Network with professors, with advisors, with anyone who inspires you. This can be as simple as attending an office hour or staying after class to ask a question. Most people find their summer jobs through personal contacts and referrals. 

Attend career fairs, career panels, and other employment-seeking events around campus. Throughout the year, BU hosts several different recruitment events for students to attend and speak with prospective employers.

Be proactive. Each year, some students send their resumes and CVs to organizations they are interested in seeking an internship position with, even if there is one not explicitly offered at the time.

SEARCH! The internet is your friend. BU’s Career Link is updated regularly with new jobs and internships. There are countless organizations here in Boston, many of which will be of interest to most of our students. Do your research, do your homework, and feel free to ask questions along the way.

Meet with Career Advising. They are here to answer those questions that you aren’t sure who to ask about finding a job or internship.