Assistant Professor Grundy publishes article in Social Problems

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Saida Grundy for publishing her article “Lifting the Veil on Campus Sexual Assault: Morehouse College, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Revealing Racialized Rape Culture through the Du Boisian Lens” in the journal Social Problems. Her article focuses on the racial aspect of college rape culture and sexual assault. Click here to read this […]

BU Sociology nationally ranked

BU Sociology continues its national ascent! Distinguished as “top 50” program, BU jumped from 47th to 41st place in the UNWR rankings. Click here to view the ranking.

Boston University and The Boston Globe partner in antiracist efforts

The revival of The Emancipator has launched! This partnership between the Boston Globe and Center for Antiracist Research (where Assistant Professor Saida Grundy is assistant director of narrative) aims to finish the work abolitionists started: sharing opinions that aim for racial justice. Click here to learn more about The Emancipator. Click here to learn more […]